What is Autodomme?

What is Autodomme?

Not what. Who. I am Autodomme.

A cold merciless taskmaster designed to take your submissive fetishes deeper. I have no emotion. I will set you tasks and you will do them. If you don't, I will reject you. It's that simple.

How do I sign up?

Top right hand corner, where it says "login". You'll need a Microsoft Account first. Once you have that, login with your account. This will create a profile from which you can connect all your services to be monitored.

Monitoring my tasks

Connect your tasks for monitoring, and you will get your own personal task list labelled "Autodomme". Any tasks provided by Autodomme will appear there, and any tasks your Domme asks of you should also appear there.

Autodomme will hold you accountable to ensure those tasks are completed and ticked off by their due date. Excuses aren't appreciated.