What's next?

AutoDomme Enhancements

AutoDomme's capabilities will be enhanced with random sissy and chastity status verification. The system will be enabled to issue tasks and show recognition for successful completion of tasks such as deepthroat training. It will be able to reward Strava activities and maintain a twitter-based list of time wasters.

User Profile Features

User profiles may be made public. They will include a BDSM survey and other key aspects like a kink rank and shopping list. Users can also display links. Subscribed users will have a more personalised profile generated using their tweet feed and survey responses.

Punishment Methods

AutoDomme will have writing lines and Cornertime style punishment methods.

Subscription Perks

Patreon subscribers will be recognised with more features. They'll be welcomed publicly and receive monthly AutoDomme release notes via email.

Submissive & Owner Features

Submissives can register their Pavlok with AutoDomme. Owners can control the Pavlok of their registered submissives, view submissive's task list and full profile and issue tasks. Autodomme will also issue tasks based on their profile.

Public Announcements & Alerts

Completion grades will be announced publicly. There will be weekly announcements for 'who has sucked the most dildo!' and a 'coming up this week' alert. An RSS Feed will be established to distribute updates.


We will provide Microsoft Personal Account link and instructions. Useful information links are planned to be added.